23 Oct 2019
October 23, 2019

What do you know about Palm

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What do you know about Palm

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There are animals around the world, so many types of plants. So, let me tell you some of the fun facts regarding palm tree.

Do you know what palm tree’s leaves are called? Definitely not leaves, but pinnate, and palmate. Usually, all of the palm tree we see around us are pinnate leaves. This kind of leaves are softer compared to palmate, which is another type of palm’s leaf. Of course, if you own a palm oil plantation, you need to have the right software to sustain it.

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Do you know that not all palm leaves are in green? Some of the palm leaves are yellowish-green, some are fully in green colour, and some are in brownish-green.

Of course, all of the different colours that I have mentioned in the previous can happen to any type of palm tree, it doesn’t categorize in which type of palm tree.

You can definitely buy palm tree fertiliser in Malaysia and plant your own palm tree now. Do you know what type of palm tree has the tallest height? Quindio palm has it! Grab your phone immediately to take pictures of the unique palm trees!

This palm can grow up to 170 feet tall, isn’t it shocking? Basically, you will only see this kind of plant in the forest or on the road while you are travelling to places that are more in the countryside.

On the other hand, do you know how heavy is a palm tree? A palm tree generally can be up to 33 pounds. Wow, it’s really heavy, one palm tree equal to an elephant.

It’s been so much fun of knowing more about palm facts, isn’t it? If you have any more fun facts regarding palm tree, palm oil or whatever that is related to it, do share it with me, I would definitely love to know more about palm (palm fans here).

To conclude, I really feel excited to more about palm tree. If you’re the same as me, do let me know.

In order to have a flourishing business in palm industry, you first need to have a quality palm oil fertiliser first!