The Importance of Contrast Colour in the Signboard

So have you ever noticed why the colours in the signboard are always contrasted? Even if you see the direction and safety signboard also contain two contrast colour under one signboard! It is because of the visibility of the words in the signboard. Well, visibility usually co-related to readability isn’t it? Yeap, they want us to read what is written on the signboard! But how to do that? By using the contrast colour that could attract the sight of the bystander and makes them to actually drop by at the place, isn’t that fascinating? Make sure the supplier is using the right software to make it too. You can reach out and phone any of the signboard suppliers.

Apart from signboard design, signboard not only about the words, font and size, but it is about the colours that striking at the back. Some even use the images and logo to attract the customers, but a simple colour contrast would do the tricks that graphics do in most of the expensive signage. Imagine, you put words, logo and contrast colour as the background of the signboard, it will be remarkable signage for your business and will possess the eyes of the passerby because of the combination of three important elements in the signage.

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Now, let me give you an instance, usually, we tend to mix and match the lighter colour with dark colour. By doing that, it will make the bystander notice it frequently and that is also why we see the blue and white signboard on the federation roads. Thus, a good colour contrast would make it visible strongly whereas the bad colour contrast will not make it worst, but you may want to add on more elements such as silhouette and line contour throughout the front words. It will be like including a frontier along with the word and images to escalate the average comprehend pace during the day time or even night.

design signs - The Importance of Contrast Colour in the Signboard